WORKSHOP #6 is on
Tuesday, January 29th, 7PM, CST

Character Performance

CHARACTER PERFORMANCE is job one as an animator/storyteller.  Giving your character a personality that you clearly communicate is the basis of all acting in animation.  With a character that ACTS, animation (movement) is secondary to establishing the personality of the character through its design, poses, expression and clear staging.  This subject will be discussed with many illustrations and reference.  Assignment draw over/ review will happen after the lecture. 

Come be part of the community of artists trying to make their characters the best they can be!

PLUS: a preview of Tom Bancroft’s new Kickstarter comic project coming in FEB!

If we have time for Q and A, we will do that. Please email questions to Taylor before the webcast so we can review them. Her email is:

This week’s (optional) assignment:

Create a sketch (no color or inking needed please) using the character design of EMMA here:

Draw a full body pose of Emma looking at something in her hand.  -The goal here is to create a clear pose and expression that tells a clear story.  Is she scared of what she is holding?  Fascinated?  Enamored?  Mad?  Draw it big enough so we can see her face, but remember that her body language should push the attitude. 
I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Please make HIGH RESOLUTION scans at 300dpi and save them as jpegs.   Make sure your first and last name is part of the file name.  (Example: JohnSmith.jpg).  I would prefer if your email was somewhere on the artwork also.  The reason is that I am preparing a future book and I may ask to use some of these contributions at a later date.  Email those scans to

Tom Bancroft